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Unspeakable Words

By Douglas McGowens

I've searched through the pages to find my words
Lovely thoughts sent to you, on wings of birds
T'was many the poems that I found there written
But they just didn't say the way I'm smitten
Yet, then I'm trying to describe what is love
Language of angels, words only known up above
I'd write a million times the words 'I love you'
How many of them would you read, the lot or few
The spelling changes not, the text is the same
No word there mentioned of this burning flame
I need no lexicon, for it's clarity is blunt
Simplifying my thoughts it carries no brunt
Tis now to sit and write, I pick up the chore
Seeking unknown words, come oh angels I implore 
This is how I love thee, in uncountable ways
The list only gets longer as we count our days 
Each sunrise is new, the sun, it stays the same 
Giving each moment a different picture to frame
For as true love moves along it's still forever new
Ev'r changing shadows, showing another view 
Yesterday fell I in love with thee, now again today, too
Tomorrow more, today considering how our love grew
Yet i'm trying to tell you how much I love thee
I've spoken yet a word. 
True love is never in single thought, but combined in 'we'.

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