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Unique Marriage Proposal Ideas

They say there's always a rainbow after the rain. I say there's always the sweetest "yes" before the eternal "I do."
So there should also exist a perfect marriage proposal.
If you are planning on a way to make her say "yes" and start forever with her, always keep in mind that while not all women are emotional, most of them are romantic.

There are different ideas for unique wedding proposals that would fit your girl.
Here are several new proposal ideas for the prelude of your "I dos."

Marriage proposal
Proposal on extraordinary places and situations

You can rent a hot air balloon and time it on a sunset or sunrise for a more romantic background. Some balloons are big enough to hold a small table for a simple meal with champagne glasses for celebration after the proposal. After the meal, while the balloon floats in the skies and you have a wonderful view of the golden sun and all the shadows that the objects below casts show her the ring and pop the question.
Another idea is to ask her to ride the Ferris wheel with you. Pay the operator some extra charges and ask him to stop the ride once you are on the top. Once you are there, you can ask her the question or ask a couple of people to hold up a banner or a tarpaulin where the question would be printed.

Movie theme proposal

You can also choose to do it all out just like the scenes on movies and television shows. Candles have become a big hit on all occasions.
One idea is to do the house-patterned candle arrangement that Meredith Grey did for Derek Shepherd on Grey's Anatomy. The requirement for this is the huge space and the natural surroundings.
Another wonderful idea from movie scripts is to ask her to come and watch sports at the arena, basketball, football, or baseball, and then make a public proposal at the center of the court.

"Anything for you" proposal

Doing special things for this occasion is expected. But doing things that you don't normally do could be the sweetest thing. You can set a candle lit dinner for her and learn to cook her favorite dish. Couple it with a great tasting wine and nice music for the intimate feel.
You could hold up a stereo over your head and sing outside her window with a banner that asks her if she’d love to be your wife.

Public proposal

This could get a little embarrassing if she turns out to hate the idea but this is a good way of showing her how much you want her to be with you forever that you like everyone to know about it.
You could play her favorite song over the speaker when she is at work and then ask a friend of hers to lead her to where you are, such as the lobby of her workplace or the cafeteria where all her friends from work are gathered and then ask her personally.
If she loves listening to the radio, make sure that she wakes up to hear an early morning marriage proposal message from her favorite station and stand by her door or be there beside her to watch how she lights up when she hears it.

Innocent proposal

Ask a friend to send her an email of your wedding invitation. When she phones you about it, be at her door and tell her you know nothing but since someone made-up an invitation, you might as well make it real. Then pop the wedding ring and do the kneeling part.
If she likes puzzles or riddles, use these games in order to ask her. Send her a riddle or an anagram that says "will you marry me". Pretend to solve it with her and once she gets it right, read it out loud and ask her if she will. Be ready to present the engagement ring once she looks at you and then ask her again.

Whatever twists and turns you make on this special day, remember to keep it as memorable as possible. Have pictures or memorabilia for the event just to have something to make you remember it and to remind you how sure you are for wanting her and how desperately you wanted to hear her say that she will get married to you.

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