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Treading Sorrows

By Heizel Juat

Burdens she carries, makes her feel weary, 
She can't do anything except to worry.
Trying so hard to fake a smile, 
Although deep inside, tears hide for a while.

She feels so worthless, but gives her best.
Tired of struggling; she longs for a rest.
Little by little, she's getting depressed, 
Hoping one day, she'll finally pass the test.

Fooling people by her laughter, 
She knows she has happiness to chase after.
Buried in sadness, ten feet under, 
How can she grow through the torrent of rain and rumbling thunder.

She needs to withstand every thunderstorm, 
For the sake of her family, she's willing to be torn. 
'You are strong' like they always say, 
'Yes I am' she agrees in a sarcastic way.

Whatever trial she has within, 
Faith is her weapon to fight and win, 
And when she fell into the ground, 
In the arms of God, she is safe and sound.

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