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The Traveler Love Story

The Traveler Love Story
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Melissa was born to travel. The first trip she took was when she was six years old when her parents brought her to Disney World in Orlando, a few states away from their home. When she got there, she wasn't impressed with the massive park's elaborate decorations or mind-blowing events and shows. What she realized at that time, as young as she were, was that she enjoyed every minute of the journey she took from her home to the destination. It was extraordinary for a kid to feel that way, as most kids get bored out of their minds during flights or road trips. Not her. Melissa knew she was born to travel and so she did right after she finished high school.

She was freshman in college when she took her first out-of-the-country vacation. Since it was always a dream of hers to go to Paris, she made this her first destination. She fell in love with the City of Lights. She couldn't get enough of the Louvre, which had all those wondrous paintings she used to only see in postcards and books. She couldn't forget the stroll along the River Seine, where she found and took a picture of this bridge that had padlocks all over. Each of the padlocks had names of couples written on them. The tradition was that the key is to be thrown into the river as a sign of endless love. She wanted to laugh at the sappiness but couldn't help but think it's kind of sweet too. In Paris, she met Bjourn, a tall handsome French guy who swept her feet with sweet nothings of J'adore, Je t'aime and all that. They wrote love letters for a time but that was that. She ended the fling months after she came back home.

After graduating from college, her parents gave her a cruise vacation as graduation gift. Her parents joked that it was only supposed to be a camping vacation gift but she graduated with top honors so they had to upgrade the present. The cruise ship traveled to different Caribbean destinations. Aboard the ship, she met Ralf, a Swiss National who was looking for a different adventure other than his usual Swiss Alps skiing trips. Throughout the trip, which lasted for two weeks, Ralf and Melissa spent a lot of time together hanging out at exotic beaches and going on excursion tours around the island cities. It was obvious that Ralf was interested in her but she made it clear that she doesn’t want anything but friendship. She couldn't go through another heartbreak of that sort following what happened with his French affair. Ralf was a gentleman to accept that. The cruise ended but Ralf and Melissa’s friendship didn't. They stayed in touch for a long time until Ralf visited Melissa in her hometown and the two began to date. Unfortunately, they had to end it again when Ralf had to come back home a few months later.

By the time Melissa was on her third job, four years after she graduated from college, she had already traveled to more than 10 countries and 30 cities. Her hard disk could explode with all those countless of pictures stored in there. She still wanted to travel but she knew she wanted something else in her life. That's when she decided to go on an adventure vacation. Her destination wasn't so far away from home. She went to Yosemite National Park to enjoy the thrills of climbing rocks and mountains. This was when she met Anderson, an Australian rock climber. Anderson wasn't like any other guy she has met before. She never believed at love at first sight but wanted to change her mind when she met Anderson. While they were halfway through the climbing expedition, Anderson asked Melissa on a date. She almost lost her focus and her balance. That night, they went on a date on one of the most romantic places on earth, at the peak of Yosemite.

Melissa told Anderson about her love for traveling. She also mentioned in passing that she would always meet a guy during her travels. Several dates and rock climbing expeditions later, Anderson told Melissa he really likes her. Melissa wasn't sure if she wanted to go steady with Anderson in fear that it was just going to be another vacation heartbreak. She wanted to end it right then and there knowing that it was how it was going to be anyway. Anderson couldn’t let that. They still spent more time with each other and finally, he was able to make her realize that unlike the other guys she dated before, Anderson wasn't a vacation that could end, he was home that she would always come back to at the end of the day.

They sealed their love two years later by getting married. Where did they spend their honeymoon? Paris? Italy? Hawaii? Caribbean?
None of the above, they stayed right at home.

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