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Time, Money, Love

Time, Money, Love
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Chris was a stockbroker in New York. His best friend Gary was a college teacher who always bugged him about not having enough time for himself. Why do you need time when you have money - Chris would always say. Time is the only thing money can't buy - Gary would always counter.

The two have been friends since high school. They lost touch in college but when Gary moved in the same city where Chris worked and lived, the best buds started to hang out again. Chris was always the player, the one who had many girls, all short-time flings. Gary was the serious one who had searched for long-term commitment. They were complete opposites but they click.

Chris met Amara in a Thanksgiving Party. Being a hot babe with a to-die-for body, Chris didn't waste time and asked her out right away. After a while of going out, Chris met Amara's friend named Olive, who was a pre-school teacher. Chris thought that Olive seemed like a perfect match for Gary.

For the first time in a long time, he wanted to find space in his overly busy schedule to play matchmaker for the two. She visited Olive one day in her home to find out more about her so he can give his friend some tips in how to woo her.

Olive found it weird at first that Chris wanted to hang out with her when he was dating her friend. Chris made a lame excuse that he missed his sister and Olive reminded him of her. Olive bought it even though Chris didnít really have a sister.

Chris had so much fun that that one-time visit turned into several visits. They went to the zoo, which is like the most boring place for Chris even when he was a child. It was a shock that he had fun. They also went to see old movies, which Chris hated but he was forced to do so just to get to know Olive more and so he could relay to Gary what her likes are. He fell asleep before the movie ended but Olive didn't mind.

They also ate at Chinese restaurants because Olive loved those. Chris would eat anything but Chinese food but for the sake of his matchmaking his duties, he obliged. It turns out that he didn't change his mind about Chinese food but still he had a great time because Olive did this wicked Chinese impersonation.

Amara and Chris got into a fight after she found out that he was spending too much time with her. He explained to her that he only did that for his friend Gary. To prove this, Chris organized a double date for the four of them.

For the first time, Chris saw Olive with another guy. That guy who is his best friend still seemed to be the perfect match for her. Still, he couldn't help but feel a tinge of jealousy whenever Olive would laugh at Gary's jokes. Amara was annoyed because nobody was paying attention to her. Both of the guys were too busy making Olive laugh.

After the date, Chris talked to Gary. He apologized for making a big mistake. At first, Gary couldn't understand what he was trying to say. Chris admitted that he was in love with Olive and that the last couple of weeks he spent with her in his behalf made him realize how much he likes her.

Gary was appalled. He was mad at Chris because it seemed to him that he wanted every girl in town. He told Chris that he already had Amara and now he wants Olive too. Gary couldn't understand why Chris had to set him up on a date with an awesome girl and then tell him at the end of the night that he couldn't have her because his best friend is already in love with her. For him, it doesn't make sense. It didn't make sense to Chris either and he said that was what he was apologizing for.

It turns out Amara was just after his money. It was devastating for Chris despite the fact that he wasnít too serious about the girl. It was probably his ego that got hurt. Why would she want his money when his looks and personality are more than enough, right? At least thatís what he thought. He was just glad he discovered it before she was able to con him into giving her more gifts. He also found it hard to imagine how she could be friends with Olive who's very sweet and kind.

Gary and Chris finally made up a few weeks later. Gary began dating his former student, whom he had always liked but had to wait until she graduated. Olive also started dating a guy introduced by Amara. Things didn't work out between them. The minute they broke up, Chris stepped in and told her everything that happened.
They dated for seven years before tying the knot.
Money became the least of Chris' priorities. Love and time took the top spots.

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