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This Egg I Hold

By Rily M.

This egg I hold, I hold for you
So others don't know or have a clue
I keep it with me and hold it tight
To protect it always with all my might.

This egg I hold, I hold for me
With thoughts of you and a life to be
To promises made on a Tuesday night
To have you with me and be your knight.

This egg I hold, I hold for just us two
To break it now would never do
It could never be mended or glued just right
Our passion and love would change overnight.

This egg I hold, I hold for us
For kisses, hugs, passions, and for trust
For touches, smiles, flirts, Oh so bold
And for a single secret left untold
For whispered words of love and secrets safe
I'll keep this egg in my heart, very safe place.

This egg I hold, I hold for future life
With us together and you my wife. 

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