Signs Of Cheating

Why cheat? Is it for the thrills of being a part of something illicit? Or is it in reality a cry for help and attention? There are many reasons why a partner cheats but according to an online survey, a majority of the people (both men and women respondents) said they cheated because of relationship problems.

What are the signs that a partner is cheating?

Suspicious Behavior

A cheating partner will usually exhibit a strange or uncommon conduct. For instance, your spouse might have mood swings that you cannot attribute to anything specific, like their jobs or the problems in your family. He/she might suddenly get angry or defensive when talking about things that he/she considers too "personal" or "intrusive."
According to a recent survey, the majority of cheating instances take place at work. If your partner suddenly works longer hours, is always on business meetings, or calls home that he/she will be late because of sudden changes in the work schedule, then he/she might be cheating on you.

Lack of Intimacy

One of the things that make a spouse suspect that the other is having an affair is the lack of intimacy. Your partnerís sexual interest or behavior changes until it seems that he/she is becoming a different person and you start to wonder whether you know them at all. Sexual intercourse, physical contact, and expressions of love and commitment also tend to become less frequent.

Time and Money that is Unaccounted For

Money and time, which cannot be accounted for, are usually red flags of cheating. A cheating partner may spend too much time on errands that usually do not take them a long time to accomplish, like going to the salon, getting the car washed, or going to the gym. You may also find receipts for purchases that you never see or big credit card bills that your spouse cannot explain.

Positive Changes in Physical Appearance

If your partner suddenly takes special pains to look and dress better, it might be because he/she is trying to impress someone. That someone could be you or another person. Women usually start wearing new clothes or lingerie, which are sexier than what they normally wear. Men are also inclined to buy new clothes and take extra care when it comes to grooming. A cheating partner can spend too much time looking at the mirror to check his/her reflection that it becomes noticeable.

Strange Phone Calls and Messages

A spouse who has something to hide, like an affair, will usually have his/her phone with him/her at all times. You might notice that he/she spends a huge amount of time having whispered conversations. Calls are made to and received from names or numbers that you do not recognize. If your partner takes his/her phone everywhere but does not answer when you call or the phone is always turned off when he/she is out with friends, there is a big chance that your partner is cheating on you.

Unless you caught your partner in the act, these signs are all circumstantial. Listen to your intuition but give your spouse the chance to explain. After all, you could be wrong and that can jeopardize the trust that you have for each other.

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