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Sexy Lingerie

Whether you are single, in a relationship, or married for more years than you care to remember, lingerie is great for releasing that super sexy vixen that lingers just below the surface of your outer self. From the very instant a woman first steps into a pair of soft, silky panties or skimpy thong, she immediately becomes transformed into a new woman.

Lingerie may be the simplest and most effective tool in seduction. What man doesn't love looking at a woman in lingerie?
Not only do men enjoy seeing women in sexy lingerie, something amazing usually happens when a woman puts on the right lingerie. She not only looks sexy, but she feels sexy, she becomes sexy. Lingerie can boost confidence and help shed inhibitions.

Lingerie is a wonderful way to inspire romance and enhance your intimate encounters.
Gorgeous lingerie can be a crucial part of creating blissful moments throughout your life.

Look for lingerie that enhances your natural assets and down plays or hides less flattering areas.
For example:

  • If you feel you have nice breasts but you hate your legs, choose a long flattering gown that accentuates your breasts and gives him a great view of your ample cleavage, but seductively hides your legs.
  • If you have a nice butt, look for something with a thong back.
  • If you are not too happy about your backside, choose something like a baby doll gown that just covers up your behind, or something with tap pants that flows around your bottom without clinging too tightly.

    The key to wearing sexy lingerie is to concentrate on the most attractive parts of your body. Find the area or areas that you're most confortable with and look for the right lingerie that shows those particular areas.

    A woman can truly express herself through her intimate apparel. Depending upon her selection, a woman may allow her feminine side to glow, her sexy and seductive side to romp, or her innocent and gentle side to shine.

    Lingerie is a gift of romance. It is a gift given with a gesture of desire, a hint of appreciation, and a meaning of love.

    What fabric should be selected for sexy lingerie?

    Lace, embroidery, tulle, satin, organza... There is a wide variety of fabric available for sexy lingerie.
    How to make the right choice?
    Everything depends upon your taste and the effect you'd like to achieve. Lace-decorated satin looks very sexy. Tulle lingerie with embroidery is not only sexy but has a retro flair.
    The type of fabric should be selected with care; you should keep you figure in mind. Satin visually adds pounds. There is nothing more feminine and delicates as lace or intricate embroidery.

    What color to choose?

    The most fascinating lingerie colors are black and red. Black is more versatile: it fits everything perfectly.

    Dark violet, chocolate, dark blue - these are popular choices in sexy lingerie. An example of purple black lingerie
    White color can not make your look less sensual but adds a bit of chastity to it.

    Love Tip: Men like watching girls' bottoms, so feel free to dress in panties with zippers or cutouts on back part of panties.

    I love to wear lingerie. The problem is that men always rip it off too quickly. When women are dolled up in lingerie they feel sexy. So let us wear it for five minutes.
    ~ Karen McDougal