Love Tips With Roses

Red rose
Romantic Things That You Can Do With Roses For That Special Man Or Woman In Your Life

Rose petals increase the romance of any intimate situation. This classic romantic gesture is a simple, but unforgettable one.

  • You can put some rose petals in each champagne glass, and use the rose petals to decorate cakes and love-desserts.

  • Line a delicate trail of rose petals along the bed and place one sweet love letter atop a mound of the glorious petals.

  • You can place rose petals in your panties just before getting intimate.

  • Or simply cover the sexiest parts of your body with rose petals (for women: put them on your nipples, navel, pubic area).

  • You may put rose petals in briefcases, purses, or in a book your sweetheart is reading.

  • You can use rose petals in the bath, or in a bowl of water.

  • You can present your sweetie with a beautiful bouquet of roses and in the bouquet put one rose saying "I love you"

  • You can make a trail of roses or rose petals leading to the bedroom door or to the dinning room for a romantic dinner.

  • Write out a message or a symbol with rose petals.

  • You may also try building up the mood by surrounding your lover with rose petals while he or she is sleeping.

  • Put rose petals inside balloons and decorate the bedroom with those cute balloons!

  • Take a heart-shaped balloon, slightly wet the inside of the balloon, put petals inside and the petals will stick to the sides – it looks romantic and unbelievably beautiful!

  • You may place rose petals in a gift box!

  • Scatter rose petals on all over bed.

  • Place some nice rose petals throughout her/his car!

  • When you pick up your partner have a single rose waiting on the passenger seat for him/her. He/she will be pleasantly surprised but the real surprise is yet to come… Have two dozen roses waiting at home.

  • Write a love letter to your partner and put it into an attractive glass bottle. Fill the tub and scent it with your favorite aromatic bath oil(s). Scatter in a few rose petals and put the bottle in the tub. Let your partner discover it for themselves when they get into the tub.

  • Buy several different colored artificial roses. On each rose write what each color represents. These roses will last forever and your partner when they look at them will always be pleasantly reminded of the first time they receive them.

  • Present your partner with 10 red roses and 2 white roses. Write in the card something along the lines of "You will never be alone"

  • Run a warm bath for your love, complete with romantic music and candles. Finish the setting by sprinkling beautiful rose petals in the bathtub. They will be gently floating on top when your sweetie steps in to luxuriate.

  • A short while before you know that your sweetheart will climb into bed, take a few handfuls of silky petals, pull back the sheets and toss them lavishly into the bed. Put the covers back, making the bed up to look as usual. What a sweet surprise when your darling pulls the covers back to slide into bed!

  • Put a dozen rose petals on the pull shade in your sweetheart's car. When they pull the shade down to protect themselves from the sun or pull out an item kept there, they will be showered with the soft, silky petals.

  • The next time you give your sweetheart a massage, add rose petals for a luxurious, aromatic ambiance. Depending on the surface, you can place bunches of petals in shallow bowls or baskets around the massage area, or simply spread them all over the surface.

  • Two weeks before valentine's day, send your partner a rose for every day leading up to the big day.

    You can do similar things with other flowers as well, it doesn't necessarily have to be roses ...

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