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Rekindle Romance

Exciting Ways to Rekindle Romance in a Long Term Relationship

Every relationship, no matter how hot, wild or intense at first will eventually dwindle.
This is especially true for married couples who have been living under the same roof for as long as anyone can remember.
This does not mean however that you just sit there and watch your romance go down the drain.
The good news is that couples can do something about rekindling romance in a relationship that has been for so many years.
If you are in a long-term relationship, here are some fabulous ways to spice things up with your lover.

Go on a Date

You have been so preoccupied with work or home chores that you barely have time to spend with your partner. Sometimes you hardly even speak or look at each other. This kind of behavior is what makes relationships weaken and deteriorate. Couples, no matter, how busy they are should always find time to spend together. It may be as simple as watching a movie, eating at a new restaurant, or even taking the dogs for a walk—whatever it is, you should set aside quality time when you will get to talk and of course, have intimate moments together. Watching television together is not counted as a date. It is not even quality time together.

Travel with your Partner/Spouse

If you always go on dates but you feel that you are still both bored with each other, maybe it is not you, maybe it's the familiar environment. Perhaps, you have been going to the same restaurant for the last 10 years or you have been doing the same routine every Friday night when you go out. Being in an unfamiliar place would be great for your relationship. Save money and take a trip to exotic tropical locations like the Caribbean Islands. Take an adventure cruise tour to Alaska. Or visit the romance capital of the world, Paris France.
Whatever the destination and itinerary you plan for, just make sure that they would be something that both of you would enjoy.

Entice your Loved One

Sex is a very important part of relationships and so is romance. Both play a crucial role in maintaining healthy relationship between two people to make it pleasant, wonderful, and rewarding. Having an active sex life despite the many years of being together is vital. If you find your sex life getting duller and duller as years go by, do something about it. Be more exciting for your partner. Try new things. Encourage intimacy.

Improve your Look

If you look like you haven't shaved for years or you haven't had your hair done since you got married, it is possible that the relationship is declining because of the loss of physical attraction between the two of you. It may seem superficial but the truth is, physical attraction matters. Yes, it is the personality and attitude that you fell in love with but looks can also play a role in keeping a couple hot for each other. No matter how busy or occupied you are, make it a point to look your best at all times.

Hopefully, these tips will help you in the battlefield of love as you battle against boredom and familiarity in your relationship.
Let the flames of love live long and steady ...

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