Pickup Lines

Reel Your Date In With a Line

A good opening line may win you a date while a bad one will just cause your target to look at you in disdain or worse, start laughing hysterically. If you see a stranger in a bar and you want to get to know them, you've got to approach them and say something witty that will make them like you and leave an indelible impression.

In only a few seconds, you will decide your fate Ė whether or not you've met the love of your life, gotten a date, or end up going home alone. According to psychologists, people make up their mind about other people within seconds. This is why your opening line has got to make a good impression.

Confidence is key. Even if you're delivering a cheesy line, if you accompany it with a wink or a self-deprecating look, you'll come off as funny or sexy, not corny. You'll want to make sure that you look cool when you approach your target. If youíre nervous and your palms are sweaty, don't let them see it. People can sense whether you're confident or not. You are most likely to succeed if you have confidence in yourself and your opening line.

Most people think that good-looking men and women who are single never approach other people because they are accosted all the time. In some cases this might be true. But whatever we look like, most of us like talking to new people. A lot of us also lack the confidence or verbal skills to suddenly start chatting to people that we donít know.

Try to be entertaining. A good sense of humor is always appreciated. Humor always breaks up the ice. But donít go all out. You'll find that a simple approach sometimes works better than all those fancy bells and whistles. Delivery is key. Some tried and tested opening lines actually work.

Don't stress out
This will undermine your confidence and impede your delivery. Being stressed out can also cause you to clam up. While drinking a lot of alcohol can cause you to loosen up and gain some confidence, it is not good to chat someone up when you've had a lot to drink.

Don't be a jerk
An offensive line will never work. But surprisingly, a simple request to buy someone a drink will elicit a response in about half the people that you meet. Many people prefer a simple and straightforward approach. Just come up to them confidently and state your best opening line. If you feel up to it, use some humor or crack a joke. Different lines will work with different people. You will either luck out or strike out.

Ladies should definitely not leave it up to the men to approach them. If you see someone you like, smile at them and let them catch you looking at them. If they donít approach you but you feel like they're interested, take the initiative and go up to them. Then hit them with your best opening line.
After all, you have nothing to lose.

A new study done in the U.K. found that the very, very best pickup lines to say to someone you are interested in is simply "Hello" and "How are you?"

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