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Not Over Until It's Over

Not Over Until It's Over Love Story
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Joe and Carey have been married for five years. They have been together before that for eight years. That's a total of 13 long years, a lifetime for many people. Their marriage was one that had all the blissful things in the beginning. They had a comfortable life, a nice house, and two wonderful kids.

Five years into the marriage, they were thrown off balance by issues and problems like infidelity, lack of time, and so on.

Joe was a workaholic who wanted the best for his family. He worked round the clock until he felt his eyes popping out. As a business man, he was out of the country most of the time. There was this one time when he was abroad and he was missing his family so much that he gave into the temptation of being with another woman.

It wouldn't have been such a big predicament if Joe had gotten away with it. But he was not the lying type and he confessed his misdoing to his wife. Carey wanted to forgive him and move on with their lives. But she couldn't. It was such a painful ordeal that the second fate had her running across her ex-flame, she right away jumped at the idea of having an affair with him.

For several months, Joe had noticed that Carey wasn’t her usual self. She wouldn't touch him, kiss him, or sleep with him. He thought it was because Carey was still hurt from what he did. What he didn't know was that Carey was already falling for another man, the one she has an affair with. The man showered her all the affection and attention she couldn’t get from Joe.

Carey filed for a divorce. It was a devastating time for Joe. He didn't expect that his infidelity would drive his wife to the arms of another man. From a workaholic, he turned to being an alcoholic. He couldn't bear seeing his family breaking apart. Their kids were in so much pain as well. Carey wouldn't like to go on with their lives pretending they were a happy family just for the sake of their kids.

Carey moved in with Jerry, the man she had an affair with. Joe started dating and having several girlfriends. For the next few years, the kids grew up moving from one home to another every couple of months. Joe and Carey would see each other from time to time during special occasions.

They still loved each other and that was very obvious in how they would seem frantic and nervous whenever they would get together. Carey would always have her hair done and Joe would try to get a good sleep for a week so he’d look fresh before seeing Carey. It was apparent with how Carey helped Joe get over his drinking problem. Even their kids knew that. Although they were separated, the kids were happy that the love was still there. All this time, they managed to stay friends.

At their eldest daughter's wedding, Carey and Joe saw each other again. Last time they saw each other was three years ago at Jerry's funeral. Carey was glad that her ex-husband was there to offer his sympathy and condolences. Carey also loved Jerry so much as he had been such a faithful partner to her. She never married him though because she knew her heart always belonged to Joe.

At the wedding, Joe and Carey had a chance to talk. Yes, they have talked several times before in the past but it was only twelve years later that they were able to talk about their marriage and what went wrong. Joe asked Carey if she had already forgiven him. Carey said yes.

Joe said they were already too old for the sweet-nothings and all that so he went straight to the point that he would like to be with her again. He always had. There just wasn't a good timing for them.

Carey didn't know how to react. After all, they've been separated for more than a decade now. But since she didn't have anything to lose, she agreed but she wanted to take things slowly. It took them one year of dating before they moved in together. Two years after that, they got remarried. Their kids who were already all grown up were the happiest during the wedding of their parents.

During the groom's speech, Joe told everyone, "I know it's the weirdest thing to get a divorce and get remarried fifteen years later to the same woman but I believe that there's a reason for everything that happened. Maybe if we stayed together all those years, we wouldn't love each other as much as we do now."

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