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My Breath Of Life

By Kesavan Kavumthara

Before we met I couldn't taste the love,
When we found each other I truly knew! 
Never I expressed myself as a whole. 
But you opened it with the key of love!... 
Love is something more than blood, you taught, 
In your presence I felt everything is right.
My laughter grew and tears disappeared,
You became my true weakness as a whole!
When we share our mind for hours eachother
I forget the pains and feel like a dream! 
For long years, I missed the best time of life, 
I felt life was meaningless on earth.
I am bold enough to walk even in darkness now
For you brighten my world with your soulful love!

But I am sad, for I could give you nothing 
Never I came to help in your needs indeed.  
You suffer more to fogive all with patience,
Evenwhen you cry hiding in darkness!
I miss you when something good happens, 
I miss you when something is troubling me, 
For you are the one who knows my heart beat,
You are the one with whom I wish to share.
With care anywhere you are holding my hand,
Lead with a lamp in your heart and breath.
When you keep silence the world become dark 
I miss my sun, moon, breeze and breaths, 
Life becomes dry and path puzzuled 
My dreams begin to dim and drop down!.... 
I hope, my dreams will never lose its brightness, 
For I know, you are my breath of life! 

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