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Love Prayer

By Vicki Hallam

I asked my Angels
for somebody new
I asked for a soulmate
that person is you.

In you came with your smile
I've waited for you for such a long while
your beautiful eyes, beautiful gaze
I want to be with you always.

Did somebody really hear my prayer 
When I requested blue eyes, jet black hair
No sooner had I said it
Then you were there.

I could love you forever
I could love you more than life
I didnt know there was a second half to me 
I think our futures bright.

I hope you know that I adore you
I dont think I could settle without you
I want you to know how much I care
I want your cuddles always to be there.

How can I say it 
So that you understand
I think our meeting each other
Was divinely planned.

I've never felt so safe
I've never felt so wanted
I can't believe ive met you
All my wishes granted.

Your into me 
And I'm into you
I think you're incredible.
Dreams can come true. 

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