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Love Nest Romantic Room

How to decorate a romantic bedroom and create a special romantic love nest that is comfortable, inviting, and relaxing.

Achieving that romantic feel is not difficult and the result will be a room that is not only intimate and elegant, but one that appeals to the five senses.

Red is a very inspirational color that can evoke passion and desire. Adding a red comforter or some red pillows to your bed can light a flame in your relationships.

Blues and greens are calming, intimate colors. Their use in a room may serve to create a feeling of comfort.

The bed is the focal point when decorating a bedroom, so make it very appealing and inviting.
Beds that are piled with lots of fluffy pillows are very romantic and inviting.

Choose soft, demure fabrics for the bedding, like silk, velvet, or chenille, and pair them with satin sheets for an extra luxurious feel.
Keep in mind that that nothing is quite as inviting or romantic as freshly laundered sheets.

Candles - The most romantic form of lighting to use. Spread them out amongst a dark room, and they will instantly set an intimate mood.
Nothing adds more romance than a set of lit candles because they evoke feelings of warmth and sensuality.

Create an intimate love nest in your bedroom and keep the flames of romance burning!

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