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15 Best Kissing Games of All Time

If you want to liven up your party or have an intimate game with your loved one, kissing games are the perfect way to do it.

These games could spark up untapped feelings, rekindle a long-term relationship, or even give you a chance to smooch that dream guy/girl of yours.

Below, you will find a list of the top 15 kissing games of all time.

Kissing Game 1 - 7 Minutes in Heaven

This is one of the oldest kissing games in the world. In this game, a boy and girl are asked to enter a closet and stay in there for seven minutes. During the duration of their stay inside the closet, they have to kiss or do anything intimate. After they come out, the people outside will decide if they did it or not. If not, they will have to face a consequence.

Kissing Game 2 The Kiss Mark

For this game, you will be needing a red lipstick and a timer. Pairs will have to apply lipstick on their lips then they will be asked to kiss each other on exposed body parts like face, neck, arms, legs, and so on for a few minutes. When the timer buzzes, the couple will stop kissing. The couple with the most kiss marks on each other wins the game.

Kissing Game 3 Apple Kissing Game

Have the group sit on a circle with boys and girls on alternating positions. Bite into the apple so that it would stick into your mouth and the person sitting beside you would take it from you by biting into it as well. Do rounds of this game until the apple falls off. If the apple falls off, everyone should take a bite from it. The game gets more exciting when the apple becomes smaller and smaller. You can also use other fruits for this game such as pears.

Kissing Game 4 - Body Shots

For a more exciting kind of kissing game, you can do the body shots. For this game, you will need whipped cream, cherries, chocolate syrup, caramel sauce. A girl or a guy would put whipped cream or any other topping on the part of her or his body that she or he wants to be kissed. The opposite gender would then have to lick off the topping.

Kissing Game 5 Spin the Bottle

Ah, the classic game of spin the bottle. In this game, your group sits in circle. Whoever spins the bottle gets to kiss the person whom the bottle points to when the spinning stops.

Kissing Game 6 - Card Kisses

Card kisses is similar to the apple kissing game, only this is more challenging as it involves sucking the card surface onto your mouth in such a way that it wouldn't fall all. You will then have to pass the card around. This means that the sitting arrangement around the circle would also need to be boy-girl-boy-girl. The game gets more thrilling when the card falls off and the two people gets to kiss each other accidentally.

Kissing Game 7 - Chocolate Kissing Game

A game to satisfy intimacy and sweet tooth cravings. Take a bottle of chocolate syrup or hot fudge. Pour some into your partner on his/her body parts that you would want to kiss. It would be best to draw an object on her skin so that licking the chocolate would be much more fun.

Kissing Game 8 Kissing Tag

This is just like the classic game of tag. The only difference is that if the it catches you, he/she will have to plant a kiss on your cheek or lips as a "punishment." That person becomes the next it and will now chase after the others.

Kissing Game 9 No Blinking Game

This game only requires one couple to play. Here, you will have to kiss your partner with your eyes wide open. Do this until one of you blinks. The person who does not blink wins the game.

Kissing Game 10 Guess who

Similar but more intimate than the Heads Up-7up game. To play this game, you would need an even number of boys and girls to stand away from each other. The girls are blindfolded. Each guy would pick a girl and plant a kiss on her cheek. After all the guys have planted their kisses, the girls take down their blindfold and take a guess who kissed them. If the girl makes a correct guess, that guy loses. The last guy left wins the game.

Kissing Game 11 Hide and Kiss

This kissing game is similar to the classic hide and seek game. But the only difference is that if the it finds a person from the opposite sex's team, the two will have to go to the home base and kiss for a few seconds.

Kissing Game 12 Hot and Spicy Kissing Game

Couples put hot sauce on each other's tongues and make out for as long as they can. The couple who is able to resist the spiciness of the hot sauce the longest wins the game.

Kissing Game 13 Longest Kissing

Just like Kissing Game # 12, this is also about kissing for the longest time. But the difference is that the couple will be asked to be in awkward positions so that it would be a challenge to make out for a long time.

Kissing Game 14 Kissing Drawlots

To play this game, you must have an equal number of guys and girls. Each person will write down on a piece of paper which body part each would want to be kissed. After that, all the folded papers would be gathered in a hat. Each one would then pick a paper. If the person guesses who wrote in that paper, he/she can kiss the person in that particular body part where he/she would want to be kissed.

Kissing Game 15 - Kiss or Dare

This one is like the old Truth or Dare game. But there is a twist. Each person in the group takes turn in daring a person. If the person accomplishes the dare, another person would take his/her turn in daring an opposite sex. But if the person was not able to do the dare for some reason, he/she must kiss the person who dare him/her.

All these games are all about good-natured fun. Those that are more intimate are perfect for couples to reignite romance in their relationships.

Kissing is like drinking salted water. You drink, and your thirst increases. ~ Chinese Proverb

A kiss seals two souls for a moment in time. ~ Levende Waters

Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves. ~ Albert Einstein

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