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Kiss In Different Languages

Although the kiss has a universal meaning, each language says it in their own way. For kissing fun, send a kiss in any language to the one you love.
Better yet, send kisses in many languages, kisses galore :)

Kiss In Arabic: Qubla, Koblaat
Kiss In Armenian: Hambyur
Kiss In Cantonese: Sek, Ki-si
Kiss In Catalan: Peto, Bes
Kiss In Classical Latin: Basium
Kiss In Croatian: Poljubac, Pusa
Kiss In Czech: Polibek
Kiss In Danish: Kys
Kiss In Dutch : Kus
Kiss In Esperanto: Kiso, Kisi
Kiss In Filipino: Halik
Kiss In French: Bisou
Kiss In Galician: Bico
Kiss In German: Kuss, Kusschen
Kiss In Greek: Fili
Kiss In Gujarati: Pappi
Kiss In Hebrew: Neshika
Kiss In Hindi: Chummha
Kiss In Hungarian: Csók , Puszi
Kiss In Indonesian: Cium
Kiss In Irish: Pog, Pogin
Kiss In Italian: Bacci
Kiss In Japanese: Kisu, Kuchizuke, Chu
Kiss In Korean: Ki-su
Kiss In Kurdish: Mach
Kiss In Latin: Osculum
Kiss In Latvian: Skuupsts
Kiss In Norwegian: Kyss
Kiss In Malay: Ciuman
Kiss In Malayalam: Umma
Kiss In Persian: Bouseh
Kiss In Polish: Buziak
Kiss In Portuguese: Beijo
Kiss In Romanian: Pupic , Pupat
Kiss In Serbian: Poljubac
Kiss In Sinhalese: Haaduwa, Haadu
Kiss In Slovak: Bozk, Pusa
Kiss In Slovenian: Poljub
Kiss In Spanish: Beso, Besito
Kiss In Swedish: Kyss, Puss
Kiss In Tagalog: Halik
Kiss In Tamil: Mutham, Muthu
Kiss In Ukrainian: Pocilunok
Kiss In Valencia: Bes

Beautiful kiss
A beautiful kiss has its own universal meaning, in the language of love.

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