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In Love With An Angel

By Michael Stewart

I shared love with an angel
From heaven she was sent to me
She was my dream come true
So pure and so devine was she.
There she stood in her doorway
In nothing but her gown
Such an incredibly beautiful lady
Her eyes so amazing, dark and brown.
The pure velvet sound of her voice
A glance of those beautiful eyes
Touched the very heart of my soul
A sensational feeling of butterflies.

Her womanly spell and persuasuive charms
Her feminine ways so enchanting
She captured me for all of my days
As we shared love so magical and captivating.
She made me feel so alive
She gave me such wonderful imagination
She was passion, love and romance
My angel was my inspiration.

To feel the touch of her silky soft skin
And hold her delicate hand in mine
A smile and a kiss from her luscious lips
My heart it yearns, aches and so does pine.
My heart is stolen for all eternity
My love forever hers to keep
We shared a love so amazing
A love so wonderful, magical, tender and deep.

Our love cherished forever, never to forget
For I could never love another.

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