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How To Perform Striptease

A sexy striptease is a marvelous romantic "trick" to spice up your love life and to bring more passion into your relationship.

To get ready, slather on some stuff like fake tan or baby oil to add richness and sheen to your body. This will make your body look enticing as you twist and turn.
Smear a bit of lip gloss or blusher on to your nipples or on your bum to highlight them. Remember that you're giving him a visual treat, so do a little bit of work on your skin and your body to make his eyes travel all across your body.

Choose the music. A slow music if you are not very good at dancing, so you just need to walk and undress. A more exotic music if you can manage to follow the rhythm.

Sit your guy in a seat and tell him NO TOUCHING! Then put on the music.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you can make him think of the way you feel by touching yourself - running your finger along your arm, caressing your shoulder, and touching your neck. This makes him think about how nice you are to touch.

When you're doing a striptease for your lover, think of their eyes. Always think about where their eyes are, and make sure they can see what you're showing them, or tell when you're deliberately teasing and concealing.

Tease them with your eyes! Look at their eyes, then look at your own breasts, then look back at them to catch them looking! Keep constant eye contact as much as you can.

Wear a fragrance they like, whether it's perfume, or soap, and move closer and then further away to tease them with fragrance and body heat.

Wear a shirt with buttons: it automatically creates many extra moves! Play peek-a-boob with each side. Once it's undone, turn your back on him and slide it off your shoulders slowly before dropping it to the floor.

Wear a skirt that you can push down (while bending forward with your back or side to him) and then step out of. Throw clothes in his direction as you remove them.
Unzip your skirt as slowly as possible, sticking your butt out and arching your back. The skirt should be off in one quick, smooth motion. Once it's on the floor, step out of it and leave it there.

Very important - slow down! Fancy moves are less important than simply taking your time with each layer. So pull your skirt up or your underwear down a few inches before removing, push your bra straps off your shoulders before turning away to unclasp, and don't get completely naked until the very end - and even then, tease him with a back view until he can't take it anymore.

You do not need to bare it all. If you are concerned about a caesarean scar, cellulites, or extra weight and don't feel comfortable showing your body, just use your imagination. Wear veils, sexy lingerie or use props like cushions put in front of your "problem areas".

Great Striptease Songs

  • Buttons - Pussycat Dolls
  • Closer - Nine Inch Nails
  • Hot In Here - Nelly
  • Justify My Love - Madonna
  • Cream - Prince

Special sexy moves: Sexy Moves To Take Your Bra Off - He will be fired up ...

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