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How to Ask a Girl Out

How do you ask a girl out?

Your friends will certainly have opinions on how to go about it, but not all their advice are worth considering.

Here are simple questions to answer to help you get a "yes."

Is she available?

There is no point to asking a girl out if she is not available. Ask around or observe if she is:

  • seeing someone
  • not allowed to see anyone (by her parents or guardians)
  • not open to pursuing any type of relationship at the moment
  • not into guys (and this is a real possibility)

Does she seem interested?
If you are extremely confident that you can make any girl like you, then this should not be a problem. Nevertheless, there is a real possibility that the girl who finds you interesting will also seem interesting to you.

If a girl likes you, she will find excuses to talk to you and make it seem that everything you say matters. She will laugh at all your jokes, even if you think they are lame. She will also find excuses to touch you. These gestures are signal enough for you to take the next step - asking her out.

Is there something that you can do together?
Since the girl seem to be into you, it's time to find out her interests to see if they coincide with yours. Use these interests as bases for planning your date. Come up with several options but make sure that they are all fun and casual enough for a first date.

Is the opportunity right for asking her out?
In most cases, finding the right timing is easy. If you are having a hard time, look for the signs that lead to a right timing. Gauge her mood, for instance. If she looks happy, it's a good sign.

The right opportunity also calls for privacy. Ask her out when you are alone to make sure that she is comfortable and will not be embarrassed if she has to say no. Asking without other people present will also spare you from dealing with gossips (if the girl agrees to go out with you) or shame in case of rejection.

Is there enough time to prepare?
Face it; the girl's needs should be the priority on the first date. When asking a girl out, one of the ingredients for success is to ask her days in advance of the set date so she will have time to plan her attire, her make-up, and the chance to tell her girlfriends and to ask their inputs and advice.

You also need the time to make sure that your arrangements are going according to plan. This does not mean anything formal but if the weather forecast says that a typhoon will hit your city on the day you plan to go to the carnival, then you have ample time to revise your plans and talk it over with her.

If you end up going on a date with someone you really like, that's amazing; but if you don't, chalk it up to experience and don't let a minor failure get you down.

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