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Make a Woman Fall in Love with You

If you have met a woman you are seriously smitten about or you have known a friend that you have always had feeling for but you have no idea how to encourage her to reciprocate your affection, it is probably about time that you change your tactics and style.

Below, you will find the qualities that most women look for in men. By adapting these qualities, you will have better chances of making your dream woman fall in love with you.


It has been a common notion that women mature faster than men. It is no wonder there is what you call, "toys for the big boys" or that many women fall for older men. This is also the primary reason why many women complain about how immature some men seem to be. Now, if you want to impress the girl of your dreams, you have to show her how mature you are about so many things. For example, you can show your ladylove that you handle your life and career seriously. Show her how responsibly you manage your finances and business. Engage her in matured and intelligent conversations. Of course, you do not have to strangle and confine the inner kid in you all the time. You can let it out once in a while, just make sure that it is during an appropriate time and place.


All women are romantic. They love to be pampered, to be wooed, to be loved. They appreciate even the smallest things you do for them. Even if you just do a simple favor or just call them up to see how they are, they would think you are sweet. Not to mention, the flowers and gifts which are staples to any budding relationship. However, donít make the mistake of overdoing it. Women don't like to be smothered either. If you fill up her bedroom with roses and balloons three times a week, she's more likely to see you as a neurotic stalker than as a romantic guy she would want to be together with.


They say that men are polygamous by nature. But any determined man can fight this innate quality especially if you are wooing the woman of your dreams. Make sure that you do not ever give your ladylove a chance to lose trust in you. She values your commitment and promises very highly that it would be hard to get back that trust once it is gone. Many women find it hard to love men that they do not trust.


Relevant to the romantic quality, women also adore people who are thoughtful and kind-hearted. If you make nasty jokes about the disabled person trying to cross the street, she will be definitely turned off. If you forget special occasions like her birthday or any other important event, you will never hear the end of it.


Humor is something that women can never have enough of. Of course, remember that this should be just good natured fun. Women are disgusted when men make green or dirty jokes but are usually impressed with witty remarks or hilarious anecdotes.

These are just general qualities that women go for. Make sure you get to know your woman well enough so you would know what really appeals to her.

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