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The Girl He Never Had

The Girl He Never Had Love Story
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Everyday, Marco would wake up thinking about his dream girl Elaine even if he had already spent the night dreaming about her. For the rest of the day, thoughts of her would pop into his mind several times. He couldn't help it. He was obsessed with her - her gorgeous smile, her glowing aura, and her long blonde hair that flipped beautifully whenever she turned.

Elaine was in some of Marco's classes. That's because he did everything to get same classes as hers. And his day would never be complete without him staring at her back for the entire period. Elaine, on the other hand, never knew he existed. She was the typical popular girl, the type surrounded with equally beautiful girls and wooed by sports jocks. It was obvious for Marco that he would never had the chance. It was fine. He was contented admiring her from afar.

Marco's high school went past him just like that. College wasn't as fun because Elaine went to a different university. He knew it made no sense following her through college. He realized it was his time to pursue his own dream, a dream that he actually had a chance to attain. Marco was a very smart guy and graduated from college with a degree in computer engineering.

It wasn't long before he snagged a job at a top computer company in the country. He wasn't only brainy, he was also a workaholic. These virtues catapulted him to a top position in the office. At a young age, he became one of the big bosses in his department.

One of his friends at work, Enya, always teased him about working too hard. "Have you not been briefed that we humans take a break? You should do that too you know so they don’t find about who you are."

"Who I am? What do you mean?"

Lowering down her voice in a whisper, "I know your secret. You're an alien. You don't have to hide it from me."

Marco laughed. "How do you know that?"

I've seen how you work. I haven't seen a single person in this planet who works as hard as you. The only logical explanation is you're not human."

"Okay, fine. Let's go grab a beer. Your treat though."

One beer turned into countless of drinks. By the end of the night, Marco had unleashed his inner wild side that Enya didn't have any idea existed. He was dancing like a freak and Enya was rolling on the floor with laughter.
The drunkenness subdued a little when the two went out for a walk outside.

"You know I don't remember the last time I had fun," Marco confessed.

"Wow, that's a shock," Enya quipped sarcastically.

"Very funny, but in fact, I don't even remember having any friends. Well, except for a couple of nerdy guys in college."

"Look who’s talking."

"I'm not a nerd!" Marco blurted defensively then backed down a little. "Maybe I am but just a little."

"Whatever you say, dork!"

"Anyway, thanks for this. I had fun."

"Me too."

Just before Enya would turn her back to hail a taxi, Marco pulled her and kissed her on the lips.

Marco and Enya started dating. On one of their dates, they went to this posh restaurant located downtown. The waitress who took their orders looked familiar to Marco.

"Excuse me but do I know you from somewhere?"

The waitress shook her head and flipped her hair.

"Elaine! Elaine Whitfield! We went to some classes together in high school."

After some short talk, Marco realized that Enya was sitting right across and introduced the girls to each other. He almost forgot he was on a date with Enya. After all, it was his dream girl standing in front of him. Elaine had changed a lot from the last time that he had seen her. He was still very beautiful though.

That night, Marco tossed in bed, unable to keep Elaine out of his mind. He was dating Enya now but he couldn't get over the fact that he was finally able to talk to Elaine after all these years.

Marco and Enya had stopped dating. He thought it was unfair for Enya that he was with her but his thoughts were about another girl. Enya was heartbroken but she didn't let Marco feel that. "So, she's the girl you never had, huh! Don't let this chance slip away dude. I'll still be your friend, don't worry about it."

When he was finally able to muster enough guts, Marco went to see Elaine at the restaurant and asked her out on a date. She wouldn't have said yes to him if they were still in high school and he was still that nerdy guy who couldn't let a word out in front of her. But this time, he was a big shot and for Elaine, that was a big plus point.

Marco and Elaine became a couple after a few dates. They have been going steady for some months now when Elaine's star started to fade in front of Marco's eyes. It wasn't long before he realized that the only thing Marco loved about Elaine was how gorgeous she was. He still thought she was a goddess but that was that.

There was nothing for them to talk about. Elaine didn't understand a thing about Marco and his job. Marco couldn't figure out most of what Elaine believed in. If he wasn't with her, he wouldn't miss her. If he was with her, it would still feel like he wasn't. It was like there wasn't any difference with her afar and her with him.

Marco and Elaine broke up some time later. He felt stupid and heartbroken that he have let go of Enya to be with that girl he never had only to find out he doesn’t really want her. Marco buried himself under piles of work and swore to himself that he would die working and would never go out on a date ever again.

One day, Enya came to his office.

"So that's it?" Enya said, the corner of her mouth furrowed.

"That's it what?"

"You're not going to ask me out again? I know you've broken up with Elaine."

Marco couldn't believe his ears. All this time, he thought Enya was mad at him for breaking up with her and going after his high school crush.

"God, you're so slow. Look, Elaine was the girl you never had. That's the only reason you wanted her. You only wanted her because you never had her. Don't you get it?"

Marco was listening very intently. This had to be good.

"I knew you were too stupid to figure that out without having to go out with her. It broke my heart that I had to let you go so you could be with her. But that's the only way I know you'd realize that I'm really the better catch. If it were a beauty contest, I'd flunk out the first round even though I look pretty damn cute and she'd come home with the crown and trophy and all that, but Marco, this is love, this isn't a beauty contest. I was just expecting you to come running back to me after you realize that but no, you didn't even though you really wanted to, right?"

Enya was about to go on her with her litany when Marco stopped her with a kiss. They made passionate love right inside his office and had been together ever since. Elaine, meanwhile, ended up marrying the next corporate big shot she dated right after Marco.

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