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Friend Zone Love Story

Friend Zone Love Story
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Topher and Keisha have been friends way back. Keisha was Topher’s high school crush, which was why he forced his buddies to put him on a dare to introduce himself to Keisha who was new in school at that time.

Lanky and nerdy, Topher made a fool out of himself stuttering his name in front of gorgeous Keisha, whose big aquamarine eyes could easily melt any guy anytime. After pointing out that he's got "quite a funny hair," Keisha told him her name and said, "It's really nice to meet you Topher."

Despite being pretty enough to belong to the most popular clique in school, Keisha preferred to hang out with Topher and their friends. Keisha just didn't like the idea of being a stuck-up snob, which all the more made Topher fall in love with her. That is even though they never made it through the day without a funny comment or two about Topher's strange hair. Unfortunately, Topher never had the guts to tell her how he feels.

As the high school graduation neared, the two became so close that Keisha would even spend the night at Topher's house whenever her parents would have a big fight. She'd lie down on his bed and even hug him at times when she couldn’t fall asleep.

That was the time when it finally hit him - Keisha had put Topher in a place where no guy ever wants to be and that's the dreadful friend zone.

Topher was just so thankful that realization couldn't have a better timing. It was high school graduation, time for bye-byes and see you soon. Keisha was quite upset that Topher didn't seem sad at all that they won't be seeing each other anymore. It even seemed to her that he was actually happy about it. What she doesn’t know is that he was just relieved that moving on was much easier if she was nowhere in sight.

The night before Topher was leaving town, he, Keisha and some of their friends went for a night out. Keisha gave a toast for their wonderful high school years and wished her "best friend" Topher luck in finding love in the university. She even gave him some tips on how to snag the right girl.

"You'll just know when the right one comes along," She said to him.

Keisha was quite right on that one. Three years after college graduation, Topher met this girl at work. Her name is Maya. She wasn't like Keisha at all. She was quiet, meek, and very serious about career. Both she and Topher worked in a top advertising firm.

Topher instantly knew she was the one. He loved how he could make this bashful lady holler with laughter with his senseless jokes. He loved how she would tuck him into bed whenever he was the first one to get drunk at parties. Most of all, he loved how she never made fun of his hair and even told him that it's what makes him cute.

It has also been just as long as Keisha and Topher last talked. Keisha emailed him several times but Topher just didn't want to stay in touch with the girl he wanted to forget about. The last time they saw each other was halfway in college.

During that time, Topher was very excited about meeting up with Keisha after a long time. But when he saw that she brought a date to their date, he couldn't feel his feet. He went numb from head to toe upon the sight of this bulky guy whom he couldn't imagine was dating the girl he had always wanted.

After that, Topher distanced himself from Keisha. He promised himself that he'd only talk to Keisha again when he’s finally over her. He promised himself that he would no longer feel as if his feet walked out on him whenever he’d see her with another guy. When he met Maya and fell madly in love with her, he knew he was ready to see Keisha again.

And it was perfect timing again. High school reunion was up in the works so Topher left Keisha a message that he was attending.

"Keish, I'm so sorry for being a jerk and not getting back to you so many times. So many things have happened and I just want to make it up to you. Hope to see you at the reunion."

Topher was sincere about it. He loved Keisha and wanted to forget about her. But he realized that it was just his love for her that he wanted to forget about and not the person. He really didn't want to lose his friend. He was just so glad he had finally moved on.

Topher and Maya attended the high school reunion. It was such a fun night seeing so many familiar faces after so many years. Stories about who succeeded and who flunked in life and career fluttered the whole night. Keisha was so glad to see Topher that she hugged him so tightly when she saw her. She didn't notice Topher bought a date until he introduced her to Maya.

"Hi Keisha, it's nice to finally meet you. I have heard so many things about you," Maya said

"It's also nice to meet you Maya. Topher won't shut up about you too," Keisha said, sending Topher an evil look as if to say, “You've never mentioned her!”

Maya went home early that evening so Topher and Keisha had the chance to be alone.

"How come you never told me about her?" Keisha asked later that night.

"I don't know. It was just recent. You also never told me about Mr. Bulky. Where is that guy anyway?”

"Oh, we broke up. His name is Jake, not Bulky."

"Sorry to hear that."

"It's okay, things never really would have worked anyway."

"So how do find Maya? Isn't she great?"

"Yeah, she is. She seems very nice. I have to admit though, I couldn't feel my feet when I saw her with you."

Topher couldn't believe what he just heard. "I couldn't feel my feet too when I saw you with Mr. Bulky!"

"His name is Jake." Keisha had a serious look on her face when she asked him, "How come you stopped talking to me after you met him?"

Topher realized it was now or never. He knew he needed to get over and done with this right at that moment.

"Remember in high school when we first met?"


"I had the biggest crush on you."

"Are you kidding? Get out of here!"

"No, really!"

"How come you never told me?"

"It was hard for me."

"It was hard for you to tell me?"

"No, it was hard for me to get over you. I know I never have a chance. Plus, I was really stupid."

Keisha was about to say something when their friends went to their table to pull the two to the dance floor for the band's last song for the night.

When Topher went home that night, he got this message in his answering machine.

"You think you're stupid for not telling me how you felt. At least you were smart enough to know that you loved me. Me, I had to see you with Maya, I had to go out with Jake, Bryan, Mark, Gary, and tons of other guys to realize that the guy I always compare them with is the one that I really want to be with. Between the two of us, I’m the stupid one. And what makes me even more stupid is the fact that it's too late now. You're already with Maya."

Maya already heard the message even before he did. She was too nice to get mad or upset. She understood.

Topher and Maya broke up a few months later. It wasn’t working. Maya was convinced that Topher was still in love with Keisha, despite his claims otherwise. Maya told Topher that she knows him better than he knows himself and that he should give himself another chance at the love that he'd always wanted.

Since Topher also loved Maya so much, he had to wait for a while to get over their failed relationship. A year later, Topher knew he was ready to go back to the dating scene.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect. He got an email from Keisha.

"Hi Topher, how are you? I know it's been a while. I'm emailing you because the strangest thing happened today. I was on my way to work when I saw Maya. It turns out she has a business transaction with one of our clients. Pretty strange, huh? Anyway, I'm truly sorry that things didn't work between the two of you. I'm also sorry about how things turned out for us. I'm hoping it's not yet too late and maybe we could hang out again."

Topher and Keisha went on their first date a week later. A month after that, they finally made it clear to each other that the two of them weren't in the friend zone anymore.

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