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Fit For Love

Fit For Love Love Story
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Tanya was an exercise freak. She worked out in the morning. She worked out in the afternoon. She worked out before she slept. It was to the point that she felt addicted to physical activity. It was a good thing her doctor confirmed that she didn't have any exercise addiction. It was just that she loved to stay in shape as much as other people loved doing what they loved to do.

She was on a treadmill at the gym watching her favorite soap on her portable TV when she sensed that someone was behind her. She turned around and was surprised to find a tall guy walking the same pace as hers on her treadmill.

"Excuse me?" She said to the guy.


"It's my treadmill."

"You own it?"

"No, I don't but I was the first one on it."

"Is there any law against being on the same treadmill as another person?"

Frustrated, she pressed the buttons for speed and incline to increase the challenge of the pace. The guy won't budge. It turned out he was just as fit as her. She gave up and got down the exercise machine. There was no way she was going to exercise so closely with a guy she doesn't know.

The next day at the gym, the obnoxious guy was still there, as if waiting for her to show up. She went pass through him and proceeded to do her usual routine.

"What's up?" The guy asked Tanya while she was on the stationary bike.

"Nothing's up. Can you please stop talking me?"

"Is there a law ..."

"Can you can it? The whole is there a law thing is getting more and more stupid by the minute."

"Sorry. Can we start over?"

Tanya looked at the guy incredulously and shook her head. "Sorry, not interested. Single, but not interested."

"I'm single too. Single, but admired."

Tanya had too much of the guy's cockiness that she went home early that day.

The following day, she decided to jog around the town instead. She couldn't believe her luck when she saw that same annoying guy trailing behind her.

"Are you following me?" She asked the guy while still jogging her pace.

"Just one date, that's all I'm asking."


"Look, I've been going to the same gym as you for the last six months. I should be given credit that I have finally gotten the courage to ask you out. And this is all I get? A no?"

Tanya was quite surprised. She thought it was the guy's first time at the gym that day of the treadmill incident.

"Maybe if you weren't so cocky, I'd say yes."

"Maybe if you weren't like that, I don't have to use my cockiness as a defense mechanism!"

"If I weren't like what?"

"Such a hot girl who hates guys."

"I don't hate guys."

"Then such a hot girl who loves to work out so much that she doesn't have time to go out on dates."

Half of the jogging route wasn't that bad after the guy toned down his arrogance a little. Without the overly annoying remarks, she even found him cute, especially that dimpled cheek whenever he smiled. He was also very funny. At one point, she had to stop in her tracks because she was laughing too hard. She realized maybe he was right. She was too focused with her workout that she never really took time to get to know people around her.

"So, you're not even going to ask my name?" The guy asked right before they parted ways.

"I'll just find out on our first date."

The first date turned into many more and finally into marriage.

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