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First Kiss

How to Get a Memorable First Kiss

You'll never forget your first kiss. If you've never been kissed before, you might be feeling a little apprehensive. You might be worried that you won't know how to kiss or that you'll embarrass yourself. But don't worry. A first kiss is something that you should enjoy.
Here are some tips to make sure that you get that memorable first kiss.

Timing is everything. Perhaps the best time for a kiss is when two people are saying goodbye. This is because it is usually expected. But if sometime during the date, you both turn to each other and feel like kissing, just go for it. A first kiss doesn't even need to be planned. It can be even more fun if it's spontaneous. Don't be pressured into kissing someone on the first date. If you like them and you want to see them again and you feel like kissing them, then go ahead and kiss them. Make sure to choose a private spot where the two of you can kiss without being interrupted. Some people think that you should kiss someone by the third date, but you don't have to follow any rules for your first kiss. Just kiss someone when you feel like it, and not before.

Do They Want to be Kissed?
How can you tell if your date wants to be kissed? Usually the evening will have gone well. There will have been a lot of flirting involved and even romance or passion. Constant eye contact is also a good sign. If you feel your date eyeing you and then pausing or smiling, just go for it. If you don't see any of these signs during your date, it might be better to wait for the next date before you attempt a kiss.

How Should I Kiss?
Start off slowly. Avoid grossing out your date with a lot of tongue and saliva. Aim for gentle yet exciting. You can try a soft, closemouthed kiss. Start gently and let the kiss last. This will leave the other person yearning for more. They might even be the next one to kiss you when you next get together.

Will My Date Know That I've Never Been Kissed?
No. Each person kisses in a different manner and style. Some people like strong, sultry kisses while others prefer gentle smooches. You'll get to know another person's kissing style as your relationship progresses and you kiss them more and more. When you start kissing constantly, your kisses will merge with your partner's and your styles will start to mesh. Either you or your partner will adjust as you both discover new and exciting ways to kiss.

How Do I Kiss Someone?
You can just go for it or you can ask someone if they can kiss them. Don't ask them a question such as can I kiss you? Rather say, I'd like to kiss you. It's more romantic that way.
There's no reason why you should dread your first kiss. Once you've experienced it, it will become a memory to treasure.

First kiss

The first kiss, the taste of more heavenly pleasures to come ...

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