First Date

Notes on the First Date

So you are up on your first date and you want it to be great. Here are several ideas to remember when you go out with someone special for the first time:

First impression even if you've known the person for some time, making a good impression could also be hard since dating is another field and you wouldn't want to mess it up. Meeting with a blind date could be more difficult. A good tip is that you should plan the date with your partner. This will make you seem considerate, plus it will save you time on planning the date alone. With this, you can be sure that you will both enjoy your first date. Another thing, be sure that you will not get late. Picking her up or arriving late can ruin the mood even before the date starts. You can also achieve a good impression by surprising her with a small gift. You can find out her likes such as favorite flowers or chocolates. The gift does not need to be overstated; it will show her that you are thoughtful.

Location what you have to offer to your date is judged by where you bring her. No amount of good looks can cover up a bad venue it can even ruin her perception about you. If you've known each other for quite some time, think of the things that you both like doing. Laid-back and romantic girls would love a walk on the beach with white sand and watch the sun go down as the stars come-up while your conversation go on and on about each other. Another great idea would be a real restaurant with fine dining offers. Great places for outgoing girls are amusement parks, balloon rides or boating. But try to remember that your date would not want to end up sweaty and sticky because of the activities of the date. Artistic girls would love going to concerts, museums, movie premier nights, and art galleries.

Activities this is not a lifesaver for boring dates but a channel into getting to know your partner more and giving you both the time to enjoy. If you've planned the date with her, then you've also planned the activities with her. This is a good opportunity for you to have fun while getting to know each other through observation and conversation. Do not engage in activities that would hinder your conversation with her. Choose the ones where you get to discuss things. Watching sports is a good idea for a date if you both love the sport since it will offer plenty of topics for discussion.

Setting the Mood a relaxing mood is difficult to achieve but is a must. Carry on light conversations and give your date simple compliments. Do not ask too many questions at once and try to share things about yourself as well. Asking questions about your date would make her feel that you are interested in her but do not go overboard by asking very personal questions. Let it go if she does not feel like answering you. Avoid overstating or exaggerating facts about yourself or it could turn off your date or make her feel less compared to you. Remember to be yourself as your honesty would be greatly appreciated and would help your date feel at ease about being herself as well.

These tips would surely help you have a wonderful first date and secure a second date. Nevertheless, remember to consider that people vary and therefore not everything is applicable to everyone. As extravagance and luxury is a good way to please and impress, parsimony and honesty is also great to win the good impression of your date.

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