Dating Tips

How to make your dates successful

Your crush has finally asked you out and you're going on a date. Or you have been dating a lot of people, but it just doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Dating can be tricky ground for a lot of people. That's why there are a plethora of dating tips out their to help you be more confident and to set your best foot forward.

Here are some of the best dating tips you should follow:

Always look your best. You'll want to present your best self to your date, so take the time to choose the clothes that suit you. Put on makeup and spray on that sweet-smelling perfume or splash on that manly aftershave. First impressions last and you'll want to make sure that you'll make a good one. If you look like a mess, your date will feel that you're not interested in them.

Showing up late is a turn-off. Your date has gone to the trouble to set a time. They'll have made reservations or bought tickets to see a movie that starts at a specific time. Give your date the courtesy of showing up on time.

Have fun! Find something about your date to enjoy. After all, you most probably wouldn't be out with someone if you didn't share a common interest, so you'll be sure to be doing something that you like. If you have fun, most likely your date will have fun too, and you'll end up going on a successful date.

Do look for a positive trait or characteristic in your date to compliment. Most people go to a lot of trouble to get ready for a date. They also spend a lot of time and effort into planning a date. You will boost their ego by complimenting their appearance. They will also be flattered that you appreciate all the effort it took to set up the date.

Show some interest in your date and be an interesting date. Keep the conversation rolling by asking questions and sharing stories. Listen to your date when they tell you what books they like to read, what kind of music they listen to, and what they like to do. Share quirky stories about yourself that show off your interests and personality. You'll be bound to get to know each other better and appreciate each other's interests.

Be honest. If you don't dig your date, tactfully decline when they ask you out on a second date. You won't be doing them or yourself any favors by stringing them along. You'll also be wasting time if you keep going out with a person whom you're not into.

Donít cave in to peer pressure. Listen to your friends' advice, but don't let them dictate whom you should date. You should go out with the people whom youíre attracted to, not the people whom your friends think will suit you. At the end of the day, you are the one who will be in a relationship Ė not your friends.

Even if your date doesn't go as planned, stay positive. You might not want to date a certain person again, but you might want to stay friends with them. Even if the path to finding your true love is rocky, you'll be sure to get to know good people along the way.

Follow these dating tips and your dates are sure to improve.

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