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Dating A Man With A Small Penis

I am a 28-year-old woman who has been dating a very nice man for about four months.
He's funny, smart, cute and kind. I am so happy to have found him.
But, there's a problem: We just became intimate for the first time and he is very poorly endowed - so small in fact that I Googled it and think he may have a micropenis.
I think that sex is very important to a relationship, and the thought of having a long term relationship without an active sex life scares me.
When you can't feel anything during lovemaking, it is a problem. I know that there are other options in the bedroom, but I get pleasure by doing it the traditional way.
I feel terrible about this I know he can't help having a small penis and it is so sad that this happens to a wonderful person.
How do I deal with this? Do women who marry men with small penis end up regretting it?
    A Tiny Problem

Your very nice guy was cruelly shafted, and it looks like a relationship that seemed to have everything going for it may be doomed because of a tiny problem.
You should know that many women who said they were initially very disappointed by their partner's small penis, they liked the guy so much that they stayed together and said they eventually "adjusted" and found their sex lives fulfilling.

The only way you can find out if this can happen in your case is to try again.

If you do give your intimate love life another chance, despite your love of the "traditional way", this would be a good time to expand your bedroom love options (just one example: toys).
However, if each attempt leaves you feeling empty, your frustration will ultimately destroy the good parts of your relationship.
It is sad that your boyfriend had gotten the short end of the stick, but life is unpredictable.

Have you had a similar dillemma on your hands? Let us know.