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The Coffee Shop

The Coffee Shop Love Story
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Leanne was a regular customer at a coffee shop two blocks from her office. Every day after work, she'd go there not because she loves coffee, she hates it in fact, but because of that tall cute guy with to-die-for eyes working behind the counter.

One time, Leanne went to the coffee shop with her best friend Jessica. It was a Sunday and Leanne didn't have any work but she was so burnt out with all her responsibilities at home and at the office that she needed a break from everything.

Leanne couldn't believe her eyes when the guy she's been eyeing for, for the last two years, was approaching their table. Her heart pounded against her chest so hard she had to put a hand on top of it so it wouldn't seem obvious.

The guy introduced himself as Mckenzie. Kevin for short, the guy told them with a smile that almost made Leanne fell from his chair. Leanne nervously joked, "Your full name should have been Mckevin." After some small talk, Jessica had to go ahead. She wanted the two to have some time alone.

Kevin also needed to go back to his work. The manager was already giving him an evil look. But before he did Kevin asked Leanne for her number. Actually, he was asking for Jessica's number but Leanne thought he was getting her number. She swallowed hard and tried to keep her embarrassment to herself when she handed out Jessica's number.

When Leanne talked to Jessica about it, her best friend apologized endlessly. She knew how much Leanne wanted the guy. Leanne told her not to sweat it for it wasn’t her fault. Despite her assurance that she was going to be okay, Jessica hesitated to go on a date with him.

Leanne told Kevin Jessica wasn't interested. That pained look on his face broke Leanne's heart more than when Kevin showed interest in her best friend instead of her. Because of that, Leanne did everything to convince Jessica to date him. Jessica kept on refusing until one day she finally agreed.

But that was only because she watched a movie where the lead male character fell in love with the person who played matchmaker between him and another girl. Her plot was that she would ask Leanne to play the “bridge” between them and then she would act clumsy and unappealing so Kevin would realize that Leanne was really the girl he wants.

The plan backfired when Kevin got even more smitten with Jessica even though she always acted lost and messed up. He found her cute no matter how many times she spilled water on herself or how often she ended up in the wrong place and made him wait for hours.

The bigger complication was that Jessica found herself falling for Kevin as well. She felt so bad because it was like betraying her best friend in the world. She knew how hard it was for her when she asked her to set up dates for them.

Jessica had a heart-to-heart talk with Leanne and told her everything from her plan to look like a mess to shift Kevin's attention from her to Leanne to the fact that she fell in love with him.

Jessica was so relieved when Leanne hugged her tight and thanked her for being the bestest best friend anyone could ever have and that she was honestly happy for her and Kevin. Jessica and Kevin dated for several months until they moved in together.

As for Leanne, she still went to the same coffee shop. Fate had a funny way of playing with things. There was another cute guy behind the counter. Leanne had a new reason to come back every day again.

"I'll have a tall iced mocha latte, please."

"Here you go" the cute guy handed to her the cup with his number written on it and then extended his hand "I'm Anthony."

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