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Body Language And Dating

Understanding Dating Body Language

According to studies, less than 10 percent of people's communication is verbal. A staggering 90 percent, on the other hand, revolves around non-verbal language. It is not a surprise that in dating, body language can make such a big impact that it can make or break interaction and potential relationship between two people. To understand more about dating body language and how you can use it to your advantage, here are some practical information that you would want to know more about.

Detecting Personalities with Nonverbal Cues

How people communicate with their body parts can actually say a lot about their personalities. When you are dating, you are still in that "getting to know" stage (unless of course, you're dating a long-time friend). In this phase, it would be great for you to detect the personality of the person you are dating so you know if you are going to click with each other or not. This is because even though one person is saying one thing, it may not be necessarily true. He/she may just be saying that to impress you.

Some common nonverbal cues that you would want to be on the lookout for include eye contact, touching, communicating with hands, posture, and a person's way of carrying himself. A person who moves his/her hands a lot while talking is likely to be sensitive, attentive, and a great communicator. A guy who touches your back often or moves in closely all the time is one who is looking for an intimate relationship. A woman who stands up straight with her chin up high has a strong personality. She is probably on top of her career and can get most of the things she likes.

Using Body Language for Flirting

Nonverbal actions are not only used for determining personalities but also for flirting. In fact, many people on a date hardly ever flirts with words but more with actions. A teasing look, a lingering lick on the ice cream while glimpsing over the other person, or a few touches on the other personís back, face, or knees are all flirting body language that shows one's interest towards the other. Using body language for flirting has various advantages. For one, you get to show your affections without having to be blunt about it. You also won't seem too eager, desperate or cheesy as these things can easily drive another person away. Flirting with body signals also make dating more exciting and romantic. It gives that spark that make people look forward to seeing each other again.

Determining Relationship Level with Body Signals

As you go on more dates with a particular person, body signals can be used to determine the level and direction of the relationship. If you have been on a couple of dates but you're not sure "where you guys are," you can use nonverbal cues to have at least some idea as to where you are heading. If there is a lot of kissing, hugging, and other intimate body actions, the relationship may be moving to a higher level. But if the other person seems to be keeping a distance or maintaining a friendly stance, then that probably means you two are off to Friendsville.

Body language is an important part of dating. Do not jump into this arena without familiarizing yourself with the common nonverbal cues that can help you flirt, detect personalities, and determine relationship level. Of course, it does not mean that you have to rely solely on nonverbal language. You also have to get to know the person more since nonverbal language differs for every person.

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