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Antithesis Love Story

Antithesis Love Story
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Jenny had always imagined his dream guy as someone who is clean cut and nice, someone she can easily introduce to her conservative parents. But when she met Adrian in dreadlocks and tattooed physique, her world turned topsy-turvy and nothing was ever the same again.

Adrian and Jenny met in a college party. Jenny was taking up Literature and Arts in a prestigious university while Adrian was a recent college dropout who had just started working as a bartender in a posh nightclub in town.

The two were introduced by a common friend. Jenny's long curly locks and expressive eyes caught Adrian's attention. When they started to talk, Jenny made Adrian laugh a couple of times, something that surprised Adrian himself since he never really laughed that much.

Adrian asked for Jenny's number. Since they've hit it off quite well, he was confident she would want to see him again. And she did. Only she refused to give her number, saying she already have a boyfriend although she didn't. She was just eyeing for this dreamy guy in school and vowed that before college ended, she'd introduce him to her parents as her beau.

That guy's name is Jack. He's all a girl could ever want. He looks handsome, smells nice, goes to church with his parents every Sunday, and engages in charity works in far-flung locations in and out of the country. What more can you ask for? It was like he was a made-to-order guy.

Jenny also thought that though Adrian seemed like a nice guy too, he's just not her type. He was in fact, her exact opposite. They were laughing the whole night because they couldn’t believe each other's personalities and quirks which were so much different. Jenny's type A personality was a source of humor for Adrian who's laid back whatever way you look at him.

Jenny had not seen Adrian after the party for a while. She did get a chance to get to know Jack more though when they joined the same organization in school. Jack was of course oblivious to the fact that Jenny only joined the group to get close to him.

Luckily for Jenny, they were put in the same team and were forced to spend a lot of time together. There was not much of forcing on Jenny's part as she gladly obliged to the long hours with Jack. The organization called for environmental projects in beaches around town. The two hopped from one beach cleanup project to another.

One day, the two were hanging out with their friends at the beach after the cleaning project was done. Everyone was having fun, trading stories about anything under the sun from childhood sweethearts to conspiracy theories. Jenny suddenly got a text message and was very surprised to find that it came from Jack who was sitting right beside her.

"I'm falling for a friend, do you think I should tell her?"

Jenny's heart did a double flip. Could he be talking about her? He must be. She'd seen how he'd stare at her during the beach cleanups and how he'd always be the one to volunteer to bring her home. She has waited for this for a long time so she should be happy it's finally happening. How come she's not?

That night, Jenny found herself tossing in bed more than usual. She couldn't doze off. She was beating herself up for not feeling that exhilaration she’d always imagined she’d feel when Jack would finally fall in love with her. She got up to get herself a glass of milk. She knew it was cold in the kitchen so she got her favorite jacket and wore it.

She felt something inside her pocket. It was a note.

"Call me up any day, any time, let's meet up. Adrian." There was his cell phone number.

This time, her heart made a quadruple somersault, she almost lost her balance. It was 3 in the morning and she wondered if the guy was serious about the part she could ring her up at any time. She tried her luck. Adrian picked up at first ring and said, he'll be right over after fifteen minutes.

Jenny almost gave up waiting after it was almost an hour when Adrian called her up in her cell phone. Jenny found him outside waiting. It was the first time Jenny sneaked out of the house in the middle of the night to be with a guy she barely knew. They rode his pickup and drove away.

They spent the next two hours talking and drinking beer on the roof his pickup. They've driven to a deserted lot, where all you could hear are the eerie sounds of night creatures. Adrian asked Jenny if this was okay with her boyfriend.

"I have a confession to make. I don't really have a boyfriend." Then she went on to tell her about how she'd been eyeing this guy and when she finally had him, she realized he's not whom she wanted.

Adrian asked why that is and she told him that it was probably because they seemed too much alike. She knew it had to be a good thing that they were similar and compatible but something just didn't feel right.

As if on cue, Adrian lowered down his face to kiss Jenny and showed her what it is that would feel right.

"That one feels right," Jenny agreed.

Most of the time, you have to know a person more to fall in love with him. But sometimes, you have to know a person more to realize you're not really in love with him, and you've fallen for someone else.

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